This free online tool allows you to create panoramic photos from multiple overlapping photographs. You can use JPEG, PNG, TIFF, or BMP image formats as input images. Processing images, especially with high resolution, can take at least several seconds or longer. So you might need to be a bit patient to get the result.

Note: All processing is done on the client side. That means your photos are not transferred to the server.

If you'd like to have more options and tweak some stitching parameters, check out the mobile app version for iOS and Android.

How This Tool Works

This tool finds overlapping parts of your photos and stitches them together. It automatically performs the necessary perspective transformations to make sure the images can be stitched smoothly together.

Once the photo is stitched together, you can crop the final image to the preferred size and remove unwanted parts that were created as a result of applying perspective transformations and blending.

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How to Get Better Results When Creating Panoramic Photos

To achieve good results when making panoramic photos, you should make sure that your camera is leveled when moving. Additionally, try to get at least about one third overlap between pictures. You can look for something distinctive in the surrounding to help you find good overlap of each photo (house, tree, mountain top, ...).

While shooting the photos, try to keep the focus and exposure settings same between each photo.

Offline Tool for Mobile Android Devices

I also created an Android version of this tool

The Android version works offline and is better optimized for usage on mobile devices, so I recommend to check it out if you mostly want to do panoramas on your phone.

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