This free online tool generates image histograms for red, green, blue, and greyscale values. Histograms can be generated for multiple images at once in batch.

You can also export the values into a csv file for further analysis in your spreadsheet application.

Note: All processing is done on the client side. That means your images are not transferred to the server.

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How This Tool Works

An image histogram displays pixel value distribution within an image.

This tool basically creates 256 bins for each color (red, green, blue) and greyscale (luma) intensity. The number of bins is shown on the horizontal axis.

The tool then loops through every image pixel and counts the occurrence of each intensity. The counts of occurrences in each bin are then displayed on vertical axis.

Counts for each pixel intensity are normalized to range 0 to 255 before they are displayed on the graph.

I used JavaScript in combination with WebAssmebly to create this tool.

How Are Greyscale Values Calculated

I'm using the following formula to convert red, green, and blue values to greyscale

luma = 0.299*red + 0.587*green + 0.114*blue

Useful links

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You are allowed to use the generated histogram graph images and data freely for any commercial or non-commercial purposes, and you also don't need to give attribution (although linking back to my site is always nice ;D).


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