Most of my side projects that I'm working on in my free time currently involve Android or web. You can check out all my published Android apps on Google Play.

If you want to make some C code work in your Android project or you need help with something else related to Android, write to me. I might have some free time for additional gigs.

These are some of my recent projects...

apptomata logo

As a developer I use multiple Android devices to test my apps. I decided to create a web service that would allow me to manage these Android devices remotely.

I used the device owner API for this. You can find information about device owner and kiosk/single purpose devices in my blogposts.

Here are some of the features that Apptomata offers

Online APK Analyzer

Oftentimes I found myself extracting various information from APK files that I've build in Android Studio. I decided to create a minimal web tool that can dump various information from Android APK files

The tool can show information stored in binary AndriodManifest.xml file and resource files and it can detect frameworks and technologies that were used to create the given app.



I've ported the ADB tool which is usually running on a development machine to Android. I've wrapped some common functions that I'm using from shell into a minimal mobile UI. Some of the features the tool currently has

Bugjaeger also contains the fastboot tool. For now it only dumps some bootloader information from devices that support fastboot. I was hesitating to make other features available. It would be really cool to flash a new Android ROM from one Android device to the other...but I'm worried about Google Play policies. Additionally, the manufacturers are restricting access to even basic fastboot features and the users would probably blame me if something wouldn't work because the OEM just locked the feature in fastboot.


Voice changing app


Snowfall simulation that uses the SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW permission to draw over other apps. The app uses