My next tiny online tool for analyzing file types

Sometimes when I'm cross-compiling native C libraries for Android, I like to check the ABI of the final .so library file. Some project's don't compile straight away and I need to hack the build system before I get my compiled library. When I'm not sure if the right type of ABI was compiled, I like to use the handy file utility that comes bundled with Linux and quickly check my library.

I wanted to create a customized online version of this tool that would be hosted on my blog and this is the result.

The online tool has the following features

  • it shows a short description of the file type
  • it displays the mime type
  • it can display some image properties of image files
  • you can use it to quickly check the ABI and platform of native .so libraries
  • it shows common extensions of some file types
  • you can process multiple files in bulk and export a spreadsheet report with file type information
  • you can get the pdf file version

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