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Bugjaeger iOS app allows you to connect to your Android device through WiFi and control it using the ADB protocol. In this post, I'll show how to use it as remote control for your Android TV, though the app allows to do much more. You can mirror the screen of your Android device directly on your iPhone. You can also sideload APK files, manage files, execute shell commands, or check logcat logs - all directly from your iPhone or iPad.

How to Connect Android Target

Your iOS device that has Bugjaeger installed acts as the ADB host. Once you connect an Android target, you'll be able to control the Android device through the ADB protocol and issue various commands.

First, you'll need to enable Developer options and Wireless debugging on your target Android device. This can slightly differ on various Android devices. It's better to check the official documentation on how to do this.

developer options & wireless debugging

Pair If Connecting for the First Time

When connecting for the first time, you'll need to pair the target device. This needs to be done only once. Afterwards, you connect to the target straight away without the need to pair again.

To pair a new device, go to Developer options -> Wireless debugging -> Pair device with pairing code on your target.

target pair

pair using paring code

On the host inside the Bugjager app, tap on the "Connect new device wirelessly" button. Then tap on "Pair new device" on the bottom. Enter the IP address, port, and pairing code shown on the target into Bugjaeger's pairing form.

connect new device

connect wirelessly

pair form

Connect Target

Once your target is paired, enter the IP address and port shown on target in Wireless debugging settings. Note that the connection port will be different from the pairing port.

connection ip port

tap connect

After successful connection, a new device should appear in device list as shown below.

connected device

Using the Remote

Select your target device from the device list shown in Bugjaeger.

Switch to the Remote tab by swiping to the left or tapping on the tab icon.


You should now be able to simulate various keyboard keys.

Other Options & Feedback

The behavior of the keys could vary on different Android versions and apps. If there's something missing, or if you'd like me to change something in the app, write directly to my email roman@sisik.eu.

I tried to implement the main features from the original Bugjaeger app that already existed for the Android platform, but unfortunately I won't be able to implement everything because iOS platform doesn't offer some crucial APIs. Regular apps doesn't seem to have access to USB host, so I wasn't able to implement connection through USB, and therefore there's also no fastboot functionality.

The app still offers a lot of other features and I'll try to explain those in some future posts.

Download Bugjaeger from the app store if you'd like to control your Android devices directly from your iPhone/iPad.

Here are some other things you'll be now able to do (will try to write more about those in future posts)

  • Sideload, uninstall APK files
  • Disable pre-installed apps
  • Push/pull files, copy & paste, and remove files
  • Control device and diagnose technical issues with shell and log access
  • Mirror screen & camera, forward audio and touch gestures
  • Take screenshots

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