My recent project allows you to control your Android devices remotely through Internet. Apptomata uses the device owner API to achieve similar functionality to my Bugjaeger app, but also works remotely trough Internet.

You control your target devices through a simple web interface remotely.

Although it doesn't offer shell script execution, it provides crucial features for remote device administration

  • APK installation/updates
  • Blacklisting/blocking & uninstalling of existing apps (uninstalling obviously only works for apps that are not on read-only partitions)
  • Launching apps remotely
  • Push & pull files
  • Take screenshots
  • Reboot device remotely
  • Extract various information about the device/OS
  • Show GPS position

Some tasks (if it makes sense) can be enqueued on server when target device is currently offline, and then executed later, once it gets back online. I also designed it to allow some tasks to be executed in bulk on multiple devices at once to allow easier administration.

How to Use Apptomata

1) Sing up at There's a free trial version available, so you can try it out for free. I have to pay fees for the web server, so I couldn't make this service completely free.

2) Enable developer options and USB/Wireless debugging on your target device. This is the device you want to control remotely.

3) Download the installer app and use it to set up your target device. Installer app uses ADB connection to configure your target device. It is currently available for OSX and Android.

You can find more detailed information in the official guide.

How Does it Work

Apptomata is a service that has a web component which sends commands to an Android app on your target device. The app that is installed on your target devices uses the Device Owner API to execute various commands you issue to it.

All communication between web components and Android app is obviously encrypted.

For the service to work, you first need to install the Android app to your target device and enable it to be a device owner app. I automated this step by providing a special Installer application. The installer app is available for desktop and Android. It flashes the actual app that controls your device using ADB, and performs the necessary configuration automatically.

What Would You Like It to Do?

I just recently published the initial version. I'm planning to add various other features.

I really appreciate feedback. If you have suggestions on what features to add, or what to change, write directly to my email

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