Bugjaeger allows you to manage your Android devices through the ADB protocol. Smart watch devices with Wear OS also support the ADB protocol.

If you'd like to connect your Samsung Watch 4 to Bugjaeger, do the following.

Some users complain in reviews that they're not able to connect. I'm not able to help them because I cannot reproduce the problem on my own devices and they don't provide enough information. If you have issues to connect, even though you followed the procedure described below, try to send more detailed information about your issues directly to my email roman@sisik.eu. The following information would be especially useful: 1) error message; 2) Bugjaeger version; 3) ideally logcat output; 4) screenshots from Bugjaeger when you try to connect; 5) what buttons did you tap when you tried to connect; 6) screenshot from your watch's "Debug over Wi-Fi" section

Both devices - host with Bugjaeger and your target watch - need to be connected to the same WiFi network

1. Enable WiFi Connection on Your Watch

Connection settings

Enable WiFi

2. Enable Developer Options on Your Watch

Go to Settings -> About watch -> Software and tap 5+ times on Software version. After tapping on "Software version" option multiple times, you should be able to see a toast message saying "Developer mode turned on".

about Watch



Enable developer options

3. Enable ADB Debugging & Debug Over Wi-Fi on Your Watch

Go to Settings -> Developer options and enable ADB debugging and Debug Over Wi-Fi.

Enable developer options Enable developer options

4. Note IP Address and Port on Your Watch

You should see an IP address and port below the Debug over Wi-Fi option. It should be something like, where the first part before the colon(:) is the IP address, and the second part after the colon is the port.

You'll use this IP address and port for ADB connection from Bugjaeger (see below).

Enable developer options

5. Connect to Watch from Bugjaeger

In Bugjaeger app tap on the plug icon on top right next to device list to show the Connect to dialog. Insert the **IP address* and port that was shown below "Debug over Wi-Fi" on your watch. Then tap on CONNECT**

Enable developer options

Enable developer options

6. Authorize ADB Connection From Bugjaeger on Your Watch

After you've tapped on the CONNECT button, check your watch. An authorization popup should appear saying "Allow Debugging?".

Tap either on "OK" or "Always allow from this computer". If you don't want this dialog to show up every time to connect again, tap on Always allow from this computer.

Enable developer options

Enable developer options

Possible Connection Issues

If connection issues appear, try to do the following

  • turn WiFi off and on on your watch and try to reconnect again to the same network
  • restart "Debug over Wi-Fi" on your watch
  • restart WiFi on your device with Bugjaeger
  • make sure both devices (host=Bugjaeger and target=watch) are on the same WiFi network.

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@Daniel, thank you very much for your encouraging words. Ill will continue to work on the app and Ill try to keep improving it
Written on Tue, 14 Apr 2022 03:47:41 by Roman
Mr. Roman, I would like to express my gratitude for this awesome application . I know for a fact that a lot of hard work went into building this app.... Thank you for your effort and outstanding dedication.
Written on Tue, 12 Apr 2022 03:47:41 by Daniel